Organisational Structure

Organisational  Structure

CCSF is made up of three Organs with different functions which support the network's operations and ensures that it is able to fulfill its founding objectives. These are namely the Institutional Members, the Management Committee and the Secretariat. 


I.         Institutional  Members

Currently CCSF has Institutional members that are actively involved in peace building work and are the key drivers of the Forums work on peace building. Members have least two All-Member’ Meetings per year during which they will consider and ratify decisions made on any policy matter and any matter, which may have a significant impact on the vision and/or general strategic direction of CCSF. It is at such meeting that members are updated on CCSF-related funding opportunities, CCSF’s financial situation as well as any major development within CCSF and/or external development impacting on CCSF as a whole.


 For more information about the Institutional Members please click here.


II.         CCSF Secretariat

Since the establishment of CCSF in 2009, NANGO has carried out the day-to day tasks and duties of CCSF, including the organizing of CCSF Management Committee meetings as well as all-partner meetings, communication on behalf of CCSF with other stakeholders like the Organ for National Healing, Reconciliation, and Integration (“the Organ”), and obtaining donor funding for specific activities such as the joint consultative meetings with the Organ between November/ December of 2009 and April of 2010. All partners agree that NANGO will continue as the CCSF secretariat performing most of CCSF’s day-to-day administrative duties.


III.       Management Committee 

The Management Committee (MC) comprises of the following organizations: The Counselling Services Unit, the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe, the Christian Alliance (ZCA), the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ), the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ZCBC), the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC). The National Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (“NANGO”) is an ex-officio member of the Management Committee. This allows for reporting to the MC on programming issues.


The MC deliberates and makes preliminary decisions on any policy matter, including the preparation of any final draft policy pending discussion by the Members at a formally constituted meeting. The MC is responsible also for providing managerial and financial oversight to the CCSF secretariat and project components, as well as supporting the secretariat in fundraising for the consortium.